Getting to Sweden is only the first part of the journey. Refugee Tech aims to support refugees in the subsequent phases of their transition:


Refugees flee unstable areas to escape ongoing humanitarian crises and seek safety in their new home, Sweden. The arrival is often fraught with trauma and stressful bureaucracy. Providing support to newly arrived refugees in this step is critical to their success.

Starting Anew

Now physically safe, refugees must build an entirely new life in Sweden: seek employment, find a place to live, navigate the Swedish language and customs, and much more. We seek to offer resources and advice to refugees in this step to help refugees navigate the process of starting over in Sweden.

Fulfilling Potential

Often, refugees are put in boxes that deny their talents and contributions, or limit their opportunities due to language and/or cultural barriers. The final step is about breaking down these barriers and allowing people to fulfill their potential as citizens and professionals.

What We Do

Technology has historically been at the forefront of human advancement. We believe that together, creative minds can harness technology to solve real world problems. That belief is at the core of our mission: to use technology to connect, collaborate, and innovate in order to solve problems faced by refugees today and in the future.

We build bridges between different parts of society to bring in stakeholders, innovators, and tech-savvy people to design and develop creative solutions. We listen to refugees about the problems they face, to organizations on the ground already working on solutions, and to creative tech people. By bringing these voices into one conversation, we can find real solutions that work.

We use these conversations, along with research and hard data to identify the most relevant and urgent problems that could be solved by innovative technology. The best ideas generated during this process are the ones that we’ll turn into tools and services to improve the lives of thousands of refugees.

Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors, People and Refugees

How it Works

To make a real difference, we must first identify and prioritize the most urgent problems. To do this we perform a joint analysis, first speaking to refugees and lead organizations and then using scientific processes to gather data and better understand the scope of the problems at hand. This step lays the groundwork for us and our collaborators to identify sustainable solutions.

What You Can Do

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds get involved with Refugee Tech. If you have a skill or relevant experience that can help us reach our goal of affecting positive change in the lives of refugees, we want to hear from you. Please fill out our short survey, and we will get in touch.

Get Involved

If you have a problem you want help solving, please fill in our form explaining it and we will work on the solution